Our Staff

Our Staff

Pete Makowski opened Pete’s Golf in 1979 on Mineola Boulevard and was soon joined by Woody Lashen. The two have grown the shop considerably, attracting a clientele of avid and elite golfers from around the world.

Pete Makowski

Master Clubfitter, Partner

In 1977, Pete Makowski began building and repairing golf clubs in his basement. He received club making training from some of the most skilled club makers in the New York area. At that time, fairway woods were made of wood and irons were forged. From the beginning, Pete has believed in building the club to fit the person and has been building custom clubs ever since.

Soon, his endeavors developed and Pete opened his first business just two years later, in 1979. Like many businesses, he started off in a small office space on Mineola Boulevard. His business continued to grow in a relatively short span period of time.

Woody Lashen

Master Clubfitter, Partner

Woody joined Pete and within two years the business outgrew its space. The shop was moved to its current location in Mineola. With more than ten times the original retail space, the business was expanded to include a much wider range of merchandise, such as golf attire, footware and accessories.

Woody Lashen attended and graduated from New York Tech on a golf scholarship. A self-proclaimed “golf-aholic,” he is still an avid golfer and competes regularly in amateur tournaments.

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Our Company

In 2007, Pete and Woody decided to change their business model by eliminating the clothing and shoe lines and concentrating on what they believe to be their niche in the marketplace: fitting and building custom clubs for the avid golfer. Pete and Woody have fit over 30,000 and 15,000 clients, respectively. When you walk into a golf shop with a high employee turnover rate, you will not get experience or expertise.

Their realization of their niche in the market has certainly proven itself. In 2011, Golf Digest named them to its first list of Top 100 Club Fitters. They were presented with the Ping Club Fitter of the Year Award in 2009, and have received recognition as a Top Club Fitter for both Titleist and Taylor Made.

Today their golf shop on East Jericho Turnpike in Mineola houses three testing rooms, a repair and design studio, a putting studio and a team of dedicated, passionate golf-equipment experts ready to welcome you to the unparalleled service that only Pete’s Golf provides.



Master Putter Fitter

Sonny joined the Pete’s Golf team in 2013 after a stint working for Callaway Golf. His passion for golf and experience in customer service has made him a perfect fit. Sonny has spent countless hours studying putter technology, the putting stroke and learning the art of putter fitting. As of 2015, he has achieved his Level 2 Putter Fitting certification by Science & Motion Sports (SAM Putt Lab). As a master putter fitter, he has the knowledge and experience to help you putt your best.


PGA professional, Master Fitter and Teacher

Kirk Oguri, PGA, having had a strong relationship with our facility for over 20 years, brought a unique perspective being a competitive player, golf instructor, and a club fitter. It was only natural that he joined the team at Pete’s Golf Shop in 2011. His expertise in the golf swing and technology made Kirk a perfect fit. He takes pride in his passion for golf equipment, and it shows in his reputation as a leader in the Metropolitan NY area as a club fitting expert. He has helped golfers from Tour players, local PGA Professionals, top amateurs to novices find the best golf equipment that matches their specific games.


Master Craftsman

Ray Kwiatek

Customer Service Specialist

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