What We Do

What We Do

We build custom fitted golf clubs for men, women and junior golfers that will improve your performance on the course and lead to lower scores. Why settle for off the rack clubs costing you valuable strokes? When you come to Pete’s Golf, you’ll receive expert guidance and recommendations from a team of dedicated, passionate and experienced craftsmen who take your game seriously. Our goal is to eliminate equipment issues from the equation so you can play your best golf.

Our shop’s tradition of integrity, service, and state of the art technology combine to provide you with the perfect fit that complements your swing and improves your game. We will not sell or recommend clubs if it is not right for you. We do not want to merely “make a sale.” We want you to be completely satisfied and happy.

What to Expect at Your Club Fitting

Creating a set of personalized clubs is a fusion of art and science. You may have a particular feel for what you’d like, and we value that. We’ll take your suggestions and combine them with professional instinct and the best science possible to create a club that inspires confidence and performs at the highest level.

Schedule Your Fitting Online

Come in to Pete’s Golf or schedule a club fitting appointment online. Click the Book Now button below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our 3-step Fitting Process

Step 1: Interview

We’ll ask a few basic questions to learn more about your game and your goals. Some of the questions we’ll ask:

How often do you play?
Where do you play?
Do you take lessons?
What do you want to achieve on the course?

Step 2: Testing

Next we move to one of our three on-site testing rooms. Using your initial swing results (spin, trajectory, etc.), your interview responses, and your physical characteristics (height, weight, etc.), we begin testing irons, drivers / hybrids / fairway woods, wedges, and/or putter while considering club components such as size, shaft and head type.

Step 3: Recommendations

After compiling all our data, and with well over 10,000 combinations of shafts and heads to consider, we recommend the perfect set of clubs and provide you with the exact specifications. From there we will build or order your clubs direct from the manufacturer. We will even retrofit your existing clubs to meet your individual needs.

Our Customers Say it the Best!

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