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The Biggest Golf Club Myths Dispelled

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Over the years we have heard countless myths about golf club equipment that simply are not true. In this article, we would love to clear up some of the biggest misconceptions for you! We have seen it all over our 35 years in business and more than 75,000 custom fittings.

Here are four myths about golf equipment:

Brand Matters

Many customers who walk into fittings usually have a brand in mind that they want to purchase. “I’m a Titleist Guy” is something we’ve heard a few times.

Each golfer has their own unique needs when it comes to clubs. Additionally, each manufacturer has their own process when they make clubs. Our goal as fitters is to create the best match between the two, regardless of the brand of the club. You absolutely have to like the look and feel of your clubs, but there have been countless times where we have put our customers into clubs that they had no idea even existed.

There is a big difference between being sold and being fit. We pride ourselves on making sure the clubs you end up with are the absolute best combination for your swing. That is exactly why Pete’s Golf is brand agnostic. If you stick with clubs from only one company you are limiting yourself to potential gains in performance – we have seen this time and time again.

Stiff Means Stiff

Most golfers assume that when one manufacturer calls their shaft “stiff” or “regular” then that means they are exactly the same. We have dealt with almost every single shaft OEM and we can tell you one thing for certain – there are absolutely no standards in the shaft industry. So while you might be under the impression that buying a regular flex shaft from any company is appropriate for your swing, you could be getting very different flexes (which could negatively impact your performance on the course).

This doesn’t apply to only the flex, but just about everything else. For example, we have seen many shafts marked for certain weights that don’t actually weigh that much. This is exactly why we test every single piece of equipment that comes through the door before we place it in our customer’s hands.

Simply put, there are zero standards in the golf shaft industry. We are here to help you navigate what is the appropriate blend of shaft characteristics for your swing.

Less Loft = Longer Drives

Most golfers assume that if they purchase a 9-degree driver that they will hit it farther than a 12-degree driver. Not so fast!

Distance is all about finding optimal launch conditions. For example, a player with a slower swing speed might have a much more difficult time getting a lower-lofted driver in the air. Consequently, they will actually lose distance versus a driver that had more loft.

We have seen customers gain over 20 yards in distance simply by using loft that is more appropriate for their swing. The great part about modern launch monitors is that we can measure each variation against one another and make sure that you are getting the right combination. You might be leaving as much as 10-30 yards on the table if you have the wrong loft on your driver head.

Only Low Handicaps Need Fittings

This might be one of the biggest myths out there. It is simply not true that low-handicap players stand more to gain from a custom fitting than higher-handicap players.

In our experience, it is actually the opposite. Generally speaking, golfers who shoot lower scores are more skilled ball strikers. They are more capable of making adjustments in their swing to compensate for equipment that is not perfectly suited for them. On the other hand, higher-handicap golfers need more help when it comes to equipment.

As you may know, golf is extremely challenging. Playing clubs that don’t match your swing will make the game that much harder. We can’t tell you how many times customers have come back to us after fittings with lower handicaps because they finally got the right clubs in their hands. That is our passion!

If you need help with your golf clubs we are here! Schedule your next fitting here.

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