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How Pete’s Golf Prepares for New Club Releases

Woody Lashen Club Fitting

Every year the major golf club manufacturers come out with big new product releases. Golfers are treated to marketing campaigns that promise major changes in their game if they switch to the hottest new driver or set of irons. Many times golfers will purchase these clubs without testing them, or even knowing if they are appropriate for their game.

At Pete’s Golf, we try to do our best to make sure our clients don’t fall victim to the hype. After decades of being in business, and testing most clubs that are released, we are proud to maintain our status as a brand agnostic club fitter.

The reason we never commit to one brand over another is that we know that there is no such thing as a golf club that is suited for every swing out there.

Time and time again we have found that manufacturer’s marketing claims don’t necessarily translate to improved performance for each golfer. That’s not to say they are not creating great golf clubs, in fact, it is quite the opposite. However, the key ingredient for golfers who are looking to improve their game through new clubs is to make sure you are matching your swing with the proper equipment setup.

Every year we go through a process at Pete’s Golf to make sure we are up to date on new club technology.

First We Test

Our first step is to test the demo equipment we are sent by golf club manufacturers. Our goal is to uncover specific characteristics of each club, and understand how it could benefit certain golfers.

For example, a driver could have a center of gravity that makes it more appropriate for players with a certain impact tendency. We use state of the art launch monitors from Foresight Sports to measure ball flight data that can help us uncover this information.

foresight launch monitor

We know for a fact that results can change with the same club from one golfer to another. We make sure we are prepared to understand the real performance of new product releases, and which kinds of golfers they can potentially help. Testing clubs with a variety of swings and handicap levels is a must for Pete’s Golf.

For example, last year Callaway had their big release with the Epic driver. We tested a group of golfers to measure their ball speeds to verify if there was any truth to their Jailbreak technology claims. We were pleased with the results, and it gave us more insight into why that particular driver would be suited for certain clients.

callaway epic

Sometimes we uncover hidden gems that might not have gotten national recognition, but our data showed that they performed exceptionally well with certain kinds of swings.

Long story short – we do our best to prepare ourselves each year to make sure your swing is matched with the right golf club.

We Interview

Every year the staff of Pete’s Golf attends the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. We meet with the engineering teams from each OEM and interview them to get important details.

We want to make sure we fully understand how each club was designed and the thought process behind it. Many times, we find that what the public is being sold can be different in real-world applications.

For example, many club manufacturers design their clubs to match the tendencies of large groups of golfers. But what about the outliers? We want to make sure we aren’t putting those same clubs in their hands if the technology was not intended for them.

Additionally, because we have been in the industry for so long, we are given a little more inside access to information than most. There have been times when we uncover potential flaws in manufacturing processes that might steer us in a different direction. If we can’t have confidence that the clubs we order will match the specs of the design, then we might not promote them to our customers.

Your Fitting

We can’t tell you how many times a customer has come through our doors who are dead set on buying a certain club because of the commercials they saw on TV, or the number of pro golfers using it on tour. We also can’t tell you how many times we have shown that customer a different driver, set of irons, or wedges that were actually going to help them much more on the course.

This is exactly why the process we go through with our customers is crucial to making sure the right equipment gets in their hands.

So the next time you are convinced that a new golf club will improve your game, be sure to stop in to get tested properly. Pete’s Golf will make sure we match your swing to the right equipment. Our passion is your game.

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