What Can You Expect from a Putter Fitting?

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Putters are perhaps the most important fittings we do at Pete’s Golf. Unfortunately, not many golfers take advantage of them. We encourage you to watch the video below and read the accompanying article:


In this article, we’d like to educate you about a few things that typically happen when a master fitter evaluates your putter at Pete’s Golf.

One of the key differences of a putter fitting versus a wedge, iron, or driver fitting is that the benefit is twofold:

  1. A lot of the time, golfers learn more about what they are currently doing wrong in their setup and putting stroke and find out ways to improve through the use of our SAM PuttLab. So it’s not necessarily just about your equipment; you’re likely going to learn what you need to do to have more success on the greens from a technical standpoint.
  2. More often than not, we find that clients don’t even need to purchase a new putter. We might just make small adjustments to your current putter.

What You Can Learn

Most golfers typically don’t know how to set up properly when putting. This could be with general posture, alignment, or ball position.

Additionally, many players don’t understand the dynamics of the putting stroke and how putters actually work.

During your fitting, you’ll learn a lot about these three areas. Most clients come away thinking that they just got a lesson on how to putt more effectively rather than just an equipment evaluation. This is why we’re always trying to educate Pete’s Golf customers about the benefits of a putter fitting. They have the potential to impact your golf game even more than other clubs in the bag.

What to Expect During a Fitting

Putter fittings are very similar to other club fittings in terms of the evaluation process.

First, we will take the static measurements of your current putter. We’re looking for length, lie angle, loft, weight, and several other important measurements.

Additionally, we’ll go through an interview process to learn what you typically see on the putting green. Our fitters want to understand if you have more speed control issues, mishits, or starting the ball on your intended line.

The key technological difference is that all putter fittings will be conducted on a tool called SAM PuttLab rather than a launch monitor. SAM PuttLab is an industry-leading system used by clubfitters and instructors that gives a detailed report on your putting stroke. More importantly, it will help us understand all of your tendencies.

After hitting a series of putts and analyzing the data on your putting stroke, we’ll start to build different putters for you. There could be variations in grip, shaft length, weight, head style, loft, and lie angle.

The main thing we’re trying to figure out is if a new putter can enhance your performance or if your current putter is fine but needs some “tweaking.” As we mentioned earlier, many golfers don’t leave putter fittings with a different putter. We may make some adjustments to your current equipment.

Dispelling the Myths

As you know, a lot of golfers make their purchasing decisions based on brand reputation and looks. Also, players tend to make decisions on the style of the head they buy (blade or mallet) after hearing about which one might better suit their stroke.

While some general rules apply, we’ve found that each player is unique. You may have heard that blade putter is best suited for strokes that are more on an arc, whereas mallets help golfers with more of a “straight back” stroke.

After conducting thousands of putter fittings, we know that myths don’t lead to performance. As always, our goal is to give you a putter that performs best for your unique stroke. We’ve partnered with many different brands and have the ability to fine-tune your current putter, or a new one, down to the last detail.

The result is more trust on the greens. You’ll feel more confident over putts knowing that you have the right tool for the job!

If you’ve never had a putter fitting before, we encourage you to book one here. You’re going to learn a lot about what you need to do to become a better putter and make sure that you have the right equipment to make that process more successful.

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