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Issue 25 #1 – “Let the Big Dog Eat”

As another golf season arrives, the smartest thing we could all do would be to stretch a bit, go to the range, and take some easy swings with a wedge. But many of us WON’T do this. After a horrible winter, we may head DIRECTLY to the golf course, and without so much as a practice swing, we’ll break out ‘the big dog’ and let it rip.
Right or wrong, the DRIVER is the first club we’ll pull out of our bag, and it’s the driver we focus on with Master Clubfitter Woody Lashen… Click on the banner to read more…


Issue 25 #3 – Staying Fit … as in CUSTOM CLUB FIT

As the summer of 2014 rolls down the fairway, it’s time to check in on the increasingly popular and important world of custom club-fitting. We have questions for Master Clubfitter
Woody Lashen, and as always, he has the answers… Click on the banner to read more…


Issue 25 #4 – Custom Fitting for the Fall

As we draw or fade (depending on your swing) to the end of the 2014 golf season, we have more key questions for Master Clubfitter Woody Lashen — and as always, he has the answers.


Issue 26 #3 – Do You Know Your Numbers

Knowing your numbers can help your game immensely. Understanding what your patterns are can help you with your game management, equipment needs and why your pro is directing you to make a change in your swing. But be careful – you must look at the whole picture to understand your flight pattern.


Issue 27 #2 – A Trip to the Masters

As with so many of us, I’ve been watching the Masters since I started playing golf, which was at the age of 13 for me. During my adult years…


Issue 27 #3 – Custom Fitting: Is Now the Time


Issue 27 #4 – Club Fitting Is a Must for Game Improvement

I think the biggest thing today is that there are different clubs for different play-ers. At Pete’s Golf we test clubs. We are able to see the characteristics of the clubs. We could build…


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