What Can You Expect From An Iron Fitting?

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Many golfers are interested to know how exactly an iron fitting works. In this article, we want to share some of the critical things we are looking to accomplish at Pete’s Golf. Check out this video for details, and we’ll summarize some key points below: Interview process Our first step is to discuss a player’s goal and what they are …

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What Can New Technology and Clubfitting Actually Do?

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Golfers always want to know what tangible results they can expect from getting fit for clubs and new technology. This time of year many of the manufacturers are gearing up big marketing campaigns touting the effectiveness of their new releases. We’re celebrating 40 years of being in business in 2019, and we have seen it all in the equipment industry. …


Why Center of Gravity Is So Important for Driver Fittings

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When we fit a golfer for a new driver, the club’s center of gravity (COG) is one of the most essential features. Simply put, we are trying to match COG with a golfer’s swing tendencies. It will affect how each shot feels to a player, and more importantly, how the golf ball launches off the face of the driver. You …

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How a Custom Wedge Fitting Can Help Your Golf Game

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Wedge play is one of the biggest factors in scoring for a golfer. Being able to control your distance, manage various lies, and hit your intended target is extremely important. Having the right mixture of wedges with the proper specifications influences all of this. When we fit a golfer for wedges at Pete’s Golf our main goal is to make sure …

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The Truth About Golf Shafts

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One of the most misunderstood product categories in the golf industry is shafts. There are plenty of myths and mistruths out there that we wanted to clear up for you in this article and share what we have learned at Pete’s Golf over the past several decades. How Important are Golf Shafts? Choosing the right shaft for your clubs is …

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Five Product Releases We Are Excited About for 2018

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In our last article, we discussed how Pete’s Golf prepares for big club releases each year. Now we would like to share with you which equipment we are most excited about in 2018. As always, we stress to our clients that each custom fitting will result in a mixture of specs that are specific for your golf swing. We know …

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How Pete’s Golf Prepares for New Club Releases

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Every year the major golf club manufacturers come out with big new product releases. Golfers are treated to marketing campaigns that promise major changes in their game if they switch to the hottest new driver or set of irons. Many times golfers will purchase these clubs without testing them, or even knowing if they are appropriate for their game. At …

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The Biggest Golf Club Myths Dispelled

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Over the years we have heard countless myths about golf club equipment that simply are not true. In this article, we would love to clear up some of the biggest misconceptions for you! We have seen it all over our 35 years in business and more than 75,000 custom fittings. Here are four myths about golf equipment: Brand Matters Many …